Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

We specialize in civil litigation. Our office represents and advises individuals, professionals, businesses and organizations in many types of disputes across a broad range of industries, situations and areas of law. We have previous experience with jury and non-jury trials, appeals, adversarial proceedings, arbitrations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, in federal, state and administrative law courts.

Our expertise has benefitted our clients in matters such as contract disputes, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), oil & gas, trade secrets, employment, construction, real estate as well as a variety of other matters. We represent and advise our clients through all phases of dispute resolution, including pre-claim negotiations, mediation, arbitration and trial. Our goal is to achieve a successful resolution as quickly and as easily as possible.


Oil & Gas

No matter your position in the gas and oil industry, we have the experience to serve you.  
Oil and natural gas are flourishing industries in Pennsylvania. Our office strives to assist businesses and individuals to take economic advantage of these growing industries.

We represent all types of entities in oil and gas matters, including:

•    Privately held oil and gas companies;                        
•    Well owners and operators;
•    Royalty owners;
•    Working interest owners; and
•    Landowners

We have successfully negotiated for our clients a broad range of gas and oil related agreements, including assignments, purchase and sale agreements, gas and oil leases, surrenders, right-of-ways and assignments of overriding royalty interests.

Clients include conventional well operators and lessees under gas and oil leases, defending their rights to develop their interests against claims of invalid leases or non-compliance with those leases.  We also aid our clients in addressing regulatory and environmental issues by working with DEP and other state agencies and, where necessary, defending our clients in front of the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board.

We also represent landowners and lessors under gas and oil leases.  We have gone to court to have invalid or expired leases declared void, thereby allowing our clients to re-lease their gas and oil rights to other developers.  We have also fought and won cases involving improper payments of royalties to lessors and other royalty owners



Coal is an important resource throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our office is located in the heart of coal country, and we know how important coal is to our region.

Our office is able to assist individuals and companies efficiently navigate all aspects of the coal industry in Pennsylvania. We advise businesses engaged in the extraction and use of coal and coal-derived products, including mining companies, power producers and utilities. We also advise and represent surface owners and other individuals and industries impacted by coal extraction.
Businesses involved in coal extraction in Pennsylvania face a variety of regulatory and environmental challenges. We also assist our clients in navigating the regulatory agencies that coal producers in our area may encounter.                          



All businesses no matter the size have legal needs from time to time. Our office has assisted clients with starting a new business or changing the structure of their existing business, as well as managing contracts and disputes with current or former employees.

We are able to assist businesses of all sizes with the process of registering a new business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our team has experience preparing all the documents you will need to get started, including the contracts and agreements your business needs and those documents required by Pennsylvania law.

Our office has the experience to assist and advise clients who own or operate an existing business.  We have previously assisted our clients through the legal aspects of making changes to their business structure and filling out all forms your business needs to meet all Pennsylvania requirements.

Several of our corporate clients have utilized our expertise handling employment issues including employment contracts, disputes and termination.


Real Estate

Our firm is experienced in handling residential and commercial real estate transactions. We will guide and assist you with every step of the process from the day you sign the sales agreement through closing.

Depending on the nature of your transaction some of the steps we can assist you with include:

   • Deed Preparation
   • Title Search
   • Obtaining Title Insurance
   • Interacting with your Mortgage Company
   • Document Review
   • Preparing Financial Statements.....and everything in between.

Buying and selling real estate can be both exciting and stressful. Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned property owner, our office will work with you to make the process as easy and stress free as possible.


Wills, Estates & Trusts


Making arrangements to simplify matters for your loved ones when you are gone can be a highly confusing process. Administering an estate after a loved one has passed can add unwanted stress at an already difficult time in your life.  We strive to make both of these processes as simple and stress free as possible for you. Hiring an attorney to assist you with Estate planning and Estate administration is important because the laws and procedures can vary from place to place.


Estate Planning


Estate planning is one matter that everyone will need to deal with at least one time in their life. We are experienced at preparing wills and trusts. We help our clients determine how best to protect their assets and make things easier for their loved ones when they are gone. Our office makes the process quick and simple.


Estate Administration


Many of our clients come to us when they have a loved one who has passed away. Our office guides clients through a process of opening an estate, liquidating assets, paying taxes and debts and distributing funds. We make the process as simple as possible.


Election Law

Election law is a highly specialized area of the law. As only two percent of people run for public office, not many people ever need an attorney with this specialization. However, when you do need an attorney in these areas, having one with experience in election law cases can make all the difference.  We handle all types of election law issues, including campaign finance reporting requirements, nominating petition procedure, and many other election law related issues.  We have previously represented candidates, elected officials and political parties within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Mr. Daniel has been quoted in the national newspaper USA Today for his insight into elections.